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North Sichuan Medical University (NSMU) is a government-run college of medicine in Sichuan Province and is located in the second largest higher education centre of Sichuan Province—Nanchong, a famous city, the origin of the Three Kingdoms Culture. Its two campuses occupy an area of over 823,693 square meters.
NSMU has its national and international enrolment; its two campuses enrol nearly 15,000 thousand students in undergraduate and postgraduate program. With the guidance of its motto, Commitment, Fraternity, Honesty, and Creativity, it has developed into an important national and provincial centre of higher medical education, disease prevention, and rheumatism treatment since its establishment in 1951.
There are 12 undergraduate and graduate specialties in NSMU: clinical medicine, imaging medicine, laboratory medicine, stomatology, anaesthesiology, nursing, integrated medicine of TCM and Western medicine, forensics, ophthalmology, biomedical engineering, health service management and medical English. The college has over 10 teaching departments including preclinical and clinical medicine, 7 research departments including a prestigious rheumatism research centre, 3 preclinical experimental centres, 1 clinical medicine skill centre, 2 clinical medicine skill centre, 2 clinical hospitals, 9 affiliated hospitals, two clinical medicine schools, and 39 teaching hospitals.
NSMU has over 500 members of the faculty holding Master’s or Doctorate degrees. More than 240 faculties have obtained the academic title of Professor and Associate Professor. In addition, there are over 50 returned scholars and experts. Over 20 of them enjoy special government subsidies or have been given positions of national leadership in their field.
There are 3 national scientific research labs, 3 provincial key subjects, 1 key lab, 1 top quality course and 13 key courses on the provincial level.
Its library has over 930,000 books and has subscribed to more than 1,567 Chinese and foreign periodicals in addition to over 17,000 electronic periodicals both in Chinese and foreign languages.
The college has first-class clinical training centre; an advanced multi-media courseware making system, a 1000m-campus network of leading technology. All classrooms are equipped with multi-media teaching facilities, occupying more than 45,000m2. The total value of the college’s equipment for teaching and scientific research has amounted to more than 300 million Yuan (RMB).

Registration Procedures

1. For registration in North Sichuan Medical University (NSMU), the students are requested to contact International Students Affairs Office (ISAO) within office hours in prefixed period of time for registration along with the following documents:

1). Original passport with two Xerox copies (the photo page and the visa page)
2). NSMC Admission and Confirmation letters
3). Visa application form (JW202)
4). Physical examination record for foreigner (PERF)
5). 10 passport size photos
6). Original Intermediate/10+2 certificates
7). Police Clearance Certificate

2. Self-financed students should pay their entire fees of the same academic year at the time of registration.

3. The registration should be done at the beginning of each academic semester at the ISAO within the predefined time period according to the university schedule. Those who cannot register within the time due to their inevitable problems should submit an application at ISAO in advance for consideration. Those who do not register in NSMC after two weeks without permission will be disqualified.

4. Students are required to attend the orientation before the commencement of their formal classes. 5. Students should use their own ID card for meals in the canteen and for using the computer lab, library, laboratory, etc.

6. Students are assigned rooms with basic facilities in the International Students’ Dormitory. They should sign on the dormitory agreement and checklist before moving in.

Payment of Fees

1. International students should pay the entire fee of the same academic year at the time of registration. The fee includes tuition fee, dormitory fee, registration, examination, miscellaneous fee, and insurance, etc. All the fees must be paid in RMB.
2. Delay in payment of the fee within the stipulated time period will result into extra fine, which should be borne by the students.
3. Failure in payment of fees within the fine period without any rational reason will cost the student out of the dormitory and classroom till further arrangements /considerations are worked out by the ISAO and alleged student’s parents.
4. The accounts of under/over usage of electricity and water than the specified limit should be cleared by first week of every month in the Centre of Dormitory Management.
5. Receipt of the payment of the fees should be kept carefully for future reference. 6. Students who drop out of NSMC one month after the start of a semester can claim half of their tuition fees back. After one month, there will be no refund.

Visa and Alien’s Residence Permit

1. International students should come to North Sichuan Medical College with X visas and apply for their “Alien’s Residence Permits” within 30 days of entry in China at “Alien’s Exit and Entry Administration Office” of the Nanchong Municipal Public Security Bureau. Normal Physical Examination report from the Nanchong Central Hospital is needed to apply for the Residence Permit.
2. Visa extension or Residence Permit extension application should reach the Public Security Bureau at least 7 days before expiry of the Visa/Residence Permit. The application should include original passport, Residence Permit, Xerox copy of passport and residence permit/visa, 1 passport size photo and a certificate from ISAO.
3. Expiry date on the passport and Residence Permit/visa should be checked frequently. Overstay becomes illegal and is fined according to the Chinese law.
4. Passport expiry/loss should be reported to the respective embassies of student’s native country in Beijing, China. ISAO shall assist the students to renew/issue their passports.
5. Those who transfer to other college, drop out or are expelled from NSMU should have their Residence Permit in Nanchong terminated.
6. The official documents and IDs should be carefully preserved and is strictly prohibited to forge, alter, misuse, transfer, purchase, procure or sell. Anyone found doing this malpractice will face legal actions according to Chinese laws.

Legal Guidelines for Foreign Students

The following guidelines are provided by the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau of the Nanchong Municipal Public Security Bureau.
1. Foreign students must go through the procedures of registering a place of residence within 24 hours after entering into China. Students register at a hotel, guest house or university dormitory should present passports and valid visas. Students who will live in an apartment or inside a residential area should declare so and go through the necessary registration procedures at the local police station.
2. Those who violate the legal rules and do not go through the registration procedures or do not declare their residential registration to the public security organs will receive a warning or a fine of more than 50 RMB and less than 500 RMB.
3. A foreign student who enters the country with an X visa needs to complete the procedures of obtaining a residence permit from the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau within 30 days of entry. If he/she enters the country with a short-term L or F visa, he/she must extend his/her visa or go through the residence procedures within the term of validity of the visa. The process of applying for a residence permit is as follows: Foreign student enters the country→register at the university→medical check-up at the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau→the university provides a certificate to allow the student to obtain a residence permit→photos taken at Entry-Exit Management Bureau and fill in the application form→apply for a residence permit.
4. Foreign students studying in China must pay attention to the validity of their residence permit at all times. If the visa or residence permit needs to be extended, please extend it at the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau before it expires. According to the regulations, anyone who overstays after the expiry date will receive a warning, a 500 RMB fine for each day he/she overstays (no more than 5000 RMB), or detention. If the case is of a serious nature, he/she should leave the country within the prescribed time.
5. Any foreign student who is 16 years old or above must carry his/her identification documents or passport at all times to be ready for inspection by the police. In the event that your passport or entry-exit document is stolen, please report the incident to the local police station.
6. If a foreign student’s name, nationality or identity, attending university, address, passport number, or accompanying children change, please go through the procedures of registering the change within 10 days at the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau.
7. Foreign students are not allowed to be employed while studying in China, or earn work compensation in other disguised forms.
8. If a foreign student plans to leave Nanchong during a vacation, he/she should timely inform the college of where he/she will go. If a student finishes his/her study in advance, he/she should coordinate with the university teacher and go to the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau to cancel his/her residence permit.


In recent years, the college has undertaken 8 national research projects, 5 projects from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health and State Chinese Medicine Administration, and 238 provincial key and scientific research projects. It has won 52 prizes, including 28 provincial prizes topping all the colleges in Sichuan Province in 2003; in 2004, first, second, third prizes totaling 7, one of which was recommended for a national prize.
It has published 3,100 scientific research papers, 58 treatises, among which 54 papers have been embodied by SCI and ET.

The graduates with a solid foundation, good practical skill, high competitive and comprehensive qualities and fine plasticity are well accepted by employers and society. The rate of employment remains above 95%, leading the colleges in Sichuan Province.
NSMU has good relationships with many universities, institutes and organizations abroad and has established sister relationships with many Universities around the globe.

About Our City

Nanchong, a famous historical city, the origin of the Three Kingdoms culture, and the hometown of some of the greatest Chinese leaders, such as Zhude, Dengxiaoping, Zhanglan, Luoruiqin, etc. has an airport, a train station and express highways and river ports with connections to most of China’s major cities. As a friendly, mid-sized city, Nanchong is filled with activities that are sure to entertain everyone. You are sure to find art, sports, recreation, music, shopping and more here. The rivers, mountains, mild climatic, delicious Sichuan dishes, birds, rich species, ever-greens and cheap living make it an appealing place to study, live and experience a new life. It’s a city that’s big enough to offer lots to do, yet small enough to be friendly and comfortable.

Visitors Guide

Welcome to North Sichuan Medical College (NSMC), Sichuan, P.R.China! We are here to serve you and hope your visit is a pleasant one. You are welcome to stop in or call ahead for a class, a seminar, a tour, or an athletic event. We’ll answer your questions, and provide you with up-to-date campus information.

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